Come home to comfort…

With 16 years of experience creating warm & comfortable living spaces for her interior design clients, Joanne now offers downsize-design expertise. This service is perfect for empty–nesters looking to migrate to a smaller space, anyone moving from a suburban home to an urban condo, and those couples coming together later in life who need to combine homes. More about Joanne »

Downsizing to a Smaller Space

Whether you’re moving to a more compact space, or combining two households, Joanne will guide you through the decision-making process and furnishing choices  that can make your space beautiful, comfortable, and functional.

New Home & Renovation Consultation

Buying a new home or renovating an existing space can be overwhelming. Joanne can help break it all down by prioritizing projects and creating the manageable budget that works best for you.

Real Estate Staging

Joanne’s past role as a real estate broker has granted her a sharp eye for staging a home for its best possible price. She can advise you on how to best rearrange furniture, declutter space, and jumpstart the move to your next home.