Finding the Perfect House


Before / After

I fell in love with this little house in South Portland the minute I drove by it for the first time.

Tudor lines, red brick front, tree lined dead end street with kids playing all over.  I’d never driven down this street before, however, I’d  been driving around South Portland near Willard Beach for years now looking for the perfect house for me to settle in this area.

Living on “the other side of the bridge” from portland had it’s draw backs but having lived in Cape Elizabeth when we first moved to town I had always wanted to move back.  I would be within walking distance of the beaches, bakery, restaurants, theater, and an ever evolving arts and foody community.

Driving down the street that first time I had a warm and fuzzy feeling.  the last two houses that I bought I had not shopped around for, but drove by the first one and knew it was perfect.  The second one was in the perfect neighborhood off Mackworth Island in South Portland.

Coming to the end of the street in south portland, I saw the perfect house for me now with a for sale sign on the front lawn.  I could hardly wait to go in.  I was not disappointed, it was the perfect fixer upper needing a designer’s loving attention.  Having helped so many people over the years update their kitchens, I was dying to create my own dream kitchen just for me, the ultimate cook and entertainer.


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